OLRAC DYNAMIC DATA MANAGER (OlracDDM)Olrac Dynamic Data Manager (OlracDDM) is a sophisticated web-based application that can house many fishery records, as well as manage, store, and distribute submitted reports (e.g. port departure and entry, fishing activity, catch, landing, vessel movement, sales and transhipment).

Access to OlracDDM is controlled by secure user access with different levels of accessibility. For example, an “Administrator” would have complete access and control, a “Fisher” might have access to submit and view his/her own reports and analyses of his submitted data, an “Inspector” might have access to reports enabling him to inspect a vessel’s data for law enforcement purposes, whilst a “Fishing Company” might have rights to view data from vessels owned by that company. OlracDDM allows users to view real-time reports coming from different vessels into OlracDDM; to 

view, analyse and summarize vessel activity data; and to view vessels and catch locations via a map interface. OlracDDM also includes an extensive validation, auditing, and cross check system to validate data as it is entered and to automatically identify data inconsistencies, as well as a mechanism to transmit report acknowledgements. It incorporates a map interface to graphically visualize reported information. Further, OlracDDM can facilitate the push and pull of data between itself and other Olrac tools as well as other third-party systems, as required.

ADDITIONAL INNOVATIVE ASPECTS TO OLRAC DYNAMIC DATA MANAGERThe OLSPS business model is to add value to data collected by the users of its electronic logbook technologies. We therefore offer the following add-on products to accompany our core solutions:

Olrac Explorer – Add-on Module for Analysis of Spatial Data

The OlracExplorer is an add-on module designed to work alongside Olrac Dynamic Data Manager. OlracExplorer allows for the overall summarization of fleet activities, which can be presented in tabulated form, graphic charts or spatial charts. which provides an analysis of spatial data received from vessel units.

Amongst many functions of the Olrac Explorer, it can be used to create a graph depicting the total catches and effort by species for the fleet, and then simultaneously provide a density map showing the distribution of catch rate (CPUE) on a chart.



Olrac Dynamic Data Manager provides a source of high quality data to a centralised, coordinated database, as received from any number of vessels in a fleet.


Olrac Dynamic Data Manager provides built-in analytical tools to provide useful insight on trends and associations for fishing performance, environmental parameters, fishing gear used, fishing locations, and all time specific information of fishing. This insight can be used to significantly reduce costs by optimising fishing decisions to predict fish migration, fishing hotspots, avoidance of “dry” or “high” bycatch areas, and so forth.


The accurate and timely delivery of recorded data will allow users to make informed decisions in response to information obtained within the fishing season.

HOW MUCH DOES FISHERIES DATA MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE COST?Price of Olrac Dynamic Data Manager and additional Module for Analysis of Spatial Data, Olrac Explorer, depends on the level of customisation and the elements included.